Monday, March 17, 2014

Maxi Fever

You can't go wrong with maxi skirts. It's one of the most popular ingredient for every fashionista's outfit. I'm kinda obsess with maxi skirts including maxi dresses. It is indeed my favorite pieces. Aside from claiming that it gives you a trendy look, it fits my boho and hippie style of clothing. I feel also comfortable and it's flattering wearing long skirts than mini ones. They are absolutely versatile.

From plaited styles to chiffon, to chevron to vintage prints, plain and solid colors to ombre styles, how can you not resist wearing them? Every fashionista could wear these pieces, even celebrities flaunt their own ways of wearing maxi skirts. Here are some inspirations to be indulge to.

Different ways to wear maxi skirts

Printed maxi skirt

Chevron maxi skirt

Nicole Ritchie with her boho style in maxi skirts

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My 1st Half Mary

Sorry for the late post as your dance-goddess has been busy these past few days. I’m posting this new topic of mine about my 1st ever half marathon run.

Joining a marathon was never a part of my dream list. Running never caught my interest either until I joined Ayala Triads – a group of runners with various classifications and levels. I admit that joining this group has motivated me a lot to run 5K, 10K and marathons. Because it just feels so good when you are able to finish a run with a descent time and injured-free plus a bunch of running buddies motivating and giving you all the positive vibes you need during race days.

After my 10K with Rexona Run last September this year, I had a month training to prepare for my first ever half marathon. So I’m half way there, I know! With my running buddies pushing me to sign up with Sante Barley Domination Run at 21K category, I told myself I gotta level-up, so I accepted the challenge – the challenge to run a half marathon. I trained hard, and PUSH myself more not to get the shortest time I could run for 21K distance but to finish the race strong and injured-free. I finished the race for 3:11. I’m no fast runner but, hey it was my first time, not a bad record. But trust me, it was no joke running a 21K distance race. After the race I felt pain all over my body. But what was good about it was I was able to challenge myself and finished it. Need more trainings though but there’s no rush. There are more plenty of race events coming. And maybe, just maybe, someday I might be running a full marathon soon. GO for 42K next year!